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Author: Hitesh Kumar


Intellectual property is a type of property that includes human creation. Intellectual property rights are the rights given to a person over the creation of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of creation for a period of time. In most countries, intellectual property rights are strictly followed.The types of intellectual property rights are copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.


Intellectual property rights are important for the country because it protects the ideas of human creation like research, innovation, and technology.


The commercialization of sports means that commercialization covers production, distribution, marketing,sales,customer support and other functions. The sports business has developed at a fast speed over the course of the years with specific sports like Cricket, acquiring huge popularity in India over different sports. Cricket, which has been known as a Gentleman's game, has now changed into a business sport that requires huge capital speculation, and benefits are made out of it.

Types of IPR in sports

(1) Copyright

There are different arrangements set down in the Copyrights Act, 1957 which consider the security of a few parts of the sports, for example, the fine art which is related with the logo, motto, brand name, and so forth Since the Copyright Act doesn't command for the enrollment of crafted by the creator, it turns out to be very simple for the craftsmanship to be ensured as a copyrighted work under the law.

(2) Trademark

Brand names have an essential task to carry out in the games business. At the point when the Sports business started its marking, it incorporated the attributes like logo, mark, slogans, inscriptions trademarks, and so forth which brought about the making of brand an incentive in stock, sports club, sportsperson, groups, and so on The brand estimation of a group name, sports clubs, player and product make a level of relationship with general society everywhere (particularly fans), which at last aides in acquiring prominence of any group, player, and so forth

Area 135 of the Trademarks Act, 1999 accommodates both common and criminal cures against encroachment or for passing off. Very much like the Copyrights Act, the Trademark Act additionally doesn't order for Registration of the brand so regardless of whether any person who has not enrolled his image then likewise he can authorize his privileges under the law.

(3) Personality Rights

Character Rights in sports has been demonstrated to be a critical part of the brand arrangement of both individual games individual and groups. Indeed, even individual players like Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi have become a global brand in view of their big-name status. This VIP status of the players encourages them to acquire notoriety worldwide and this prominence at last turns as a money-related benefit for them by doing commercials or turning out to be brand representatives for a specific brand. Big-name status prompts various kinds of picture creation, brand notice and helps in producing income. It is necessitated that the alliances, facilitators, group proprietors, and sports gear makers should decide for the enlistment of their group names, logos, settings, captions, trademarks, and sayings enrolled as trademarks under the Indian Trademarks Act 1999, which will simplify their life for guaranteeing their trademarks in Indian courts.

(4) Domain Name

Indian courts for the most part place space name under the domain of Trademark as it were. It assumes an essential part in the insurance of IP rights related to sports. A few data is being conveyed and games are being communicated through the web, which has not just acquired colossal pieces of the overall industry information of brand esteem, yet additionally has given numerous events to the digital vagrants for carrying out a wrongdoing, just by exploiting the vulnerability which might be responsible exclusively to area names. Through the site, promoting just as making brands have gotten very simple.

(5) Licensing and Franchising

Authorizing and Franchising assumes an essential part in creating income through the games, wherein the licensee or the franchisee gains option to sell select merchandize of the IP proprietor, which is identified with the elite groups, clubs, and so on with the expectation of making altruism or notoriety of the brand name. The sole goal behind the restrictiveness is producing a brand name and expanding the offer of the product.

Along these lines, consequently, they should consolidate particularly elaborative brand and substance security rules, which should be transferred on their authority sites and should be promoted to forestall the misbranding/abuse of IP rights.

(6) Marketing

The assurance against Marketing is perhaps the most vital part of IPR inthe sports area. The idea of Marketing can in all likelihood be clarified through the milestone judgment of the National Hockey League (NHL) versus Pepsi-Cola Canada Ltd. in the year 1990. In the current case, NHL, through an understanding, made Coca-Cola its authority supporter for the game. Coca Cola in the end acquired the option to utilize NHL's images for its special program in Canada & the USA yet didn't get any communicating rights on TV. NHL has effectively offered this privilege to an organization named Pepsi-Cola, which was the business adversary of Coca-Cola. The contention emerged between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola when Pepsi-Cola communicated a commercial on TV showing a notable superstar passing on a message that Pepsi is the authority drink of the competition. Coca-Cola didn't prevail in its case for passing off against Pepsi-Cola.


The business sports triggers center IPR related issues like Trademark, permitting and diversifying, Copyright, and so forth These IP rights request that its security in any games like the one referenced above are inescapable in nature. So that to ensure such IP rights, a legitimate lawful authoritative understanding should be drafted which would secure all types of licensed innovation related to the games, players, and so on Sports industry can produce income in different ways.






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