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Author: Mehak Jain

Robotics is an automatic mechanical device guided by a computer program and electrical circuitry which enables it to perform tasks that are assigned to it. It is a system that contains sensors, control systems, do power supplies, and software, all work together.

  1. Robotics deals with the design, construction, applications of robots, operation, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. Technologies that are included a deal with automated machines that take place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance behavior.

Robotics mainly used for carrying materials including heavy parts to and from inconvenient locations and heavy hazardous materials and it is an essential component in many modern manufacturing industries as the industries increases, the scope for robotics also increases. Robotics is used in manufacturing units to experimental robotics for medical,military, and automotive industries and the future of robotics is finds as a tremendous opportunity for its budding professionals.

Robotics is interdisciplinary engineering with ample opportunities, robotics engineering is a field of engineering that deals in the designs, structure building, and the applications of robots and computer and their manipulation and processing. Robotic science has a tremendous scope in career as it plays a very important role in speeding up the process of manufacturing and finding tremendous applications in the fields of nuclear science, designing biomedical equipment, legislation,etc… robotics engineering is considered a high-end professional career in India there are tremendous opportunities as engineering can be employed in manufacturing plants, medical fields, mining, automation sector, agricultural, laboratories,etc… there is a good demand for engineers in robotics in the manufacturing units and gaming industry as well and top profiles research like ISRO and NASA can find themselves there.

A robotic engineer uses all his skills and technology for application in different sectors including manufacturing and quality control. Some of the skills sets that are required by professional are as follow:

  • Knowledge in designing robots

  • Testing robots

  • Conduct research work in robotics science

  • Repair services

  • Ability to assemble and disassemble

  • Programming to perform different tasks

  • Train technicians

  • Analyze the prototypes

  • Keeping written reports and records

  • Serve as a strong technical support

  • Determine any malfunctions in the robot

Following are the listed specialization degree in the field of robotics:

  • Computer integrated manufacturing system

  • Air traffic management systems

  • Bio-cybernetics

  • Digital electronic and microprocessors

  • Micro-robotics

  • Automation

  • Signal processing

  • Robot manipulators

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Computational geometry

  • Air traffic management systems

  • Robot motion planning

In the absence of any legal precedent-defined laws, it is tough to hold artificial intelligence-powered robots accountable for their unfavorable effects. The need to regulate AI arises from its probability of not performing as intended, going rogue, and having grave repercussions. Due to the uncertain possibility of AI humanoid robots causing damage to life and property with certain inputs, they may perform differently. There is also a privacy issue AI systems and robots process users data to comprehend their consumption patterns and learn from the same this might compromise the privacy of the users if the system gets hacked or the data is intentionally sold to a third party such as data might further be used for commercial purpose or to conduct surveillance on the everyday activities of users intentionally or unintentionally some unforeseeable contingencies may not be taken into consideration by the AI creators at the time of programming there is partial knowledge this could compromise the safety of the users and in the absence of a proper legal personality AI robots have no legal standing of entering into a contractual relationship also there is no civil or criminal liability can be attributed to it because of the same reasons. AI has various operations around the world and is expensive which requires high maintenance costs as a result, small-medium enterprises are not able to derive their benefit. And AI is a cause of concern in regards to personal and national security and can be used for espionage by enemy countries it can use by state or non-state actors to collect, stores, and share personal and nonpersonal data of citizens for ulterior motives sometimes it used to spread fake news or to operate fake accounts on social media. Thus, AI the legislature needs to frame laws and rules on AI-based robotics.

AI-based robots are leaving their mark in almost all strides of life however it is deployed without any lawful regulation this is an issue of grave concerns. AI is almost like a bet everyone wants to take but nobody wants to claim responsibility for its fails. So there is a need to be proactive in the regulation of AI robots and cannot afford to be reactive otherwise the damage would be beyond repair. So for the safeguard and security of privacy concerns a stringent legal and regulatory framework is required to conduct for the user's protection.



2. Field and service robotics by GenyaIshigami- (Book)

3. High tech lifeline- by Anil (Gandhi)


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