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Author: Mehak Jain


Education is very important to all of us as it plays a very important role in our life. Education is the ability to read and write. Proper and good education is very important as it facilitates the quality of learning all through the life among any group, caste, creed, region or religion of people. Education makes every individual literate. Education is the process of gaining knowledge, skills, beliefs, morals and values.

Education helps everyone to improve their way of living as well as social status and economic status all over life. Through proper education one can overcome any social or personal problems. To live a better and peaceful life we need to be educated as it totally transforms individuals completely inside and outside by changing mind and personality and gain the confidence level. There is no age limit to get educated and any group of people can get an education to improve their career and personal growth.

Education – basic need:

It is always said that education is the key to success as every individual human life is full of challenges that they have to undergo during their lifetime. So, education makes the lifeless stressful person win the challenges of life. An educated person will never believe in superstitious things and always helps to remove this from society therefore, education strengthens the base of society. And in our society, the government provides many different policies and structure for people who are willing to study, and one of the notable policies is free education up to secondary school. The government is also constantly trying to create awareness about the importance of education in our life through various programs.

Advantages of education:

Education gives employment and it makes living decent. High skill knowledge provides high paying jobs whereas uneducated people are at a disadvantage when it comes to career or job opportunity. Through education, people improve their way of communication and enjoy better uses of technology and get advanced with society. On the other hand, without education it is very difficult to use advance technology and modern machines.

To every educated people time is always equal to money they become more mature and sophistication comes in the life of educated people and this teaches the value of discipline. If one is educated they can be able to convince people according to their viewpoint and explain their point and opinions very clearly and express their views very efficiently. Education empowers minds to conceive good ideas and thoughts.

Types of education:

There are 3 types of education which are- formal, informal and non-formal education:

● Formal education is an education earned from schools, colleges, universities where it follows a specific syllabus and is enclosed with rules and regulations.

● Informal education is earned throughout life as there is no institution to earn informal education. We learn it as our life goes on. For instance, sometimes we learn from mistakes, looking at mother how to cook, etc.

● Non-formal education is interchangeable education which is community education, second-chance education, continuing education or adult education.

Why it is important:

Education helps to remove unemployment, corruption, economical and environmental problems and its progress the standard of living of every citizen. Following are the points that define why education plays an important in our life:

⮚ It creates a balanced society as educated people respects, everyone.

⮚ They give ethical and moral responsibilities to identify what is right and what is wrong.

⮚ Give skills that one can implement in their day to day life activities in the best possible ways.

⮚ Give awareness about how to increase earnings using one’s knowledge.

Importance of education in society: It gives society a quality life and teaches to live in a society with ethical values which always improve the smooth run of societies.

Importance of education in student life: It plays very important role in every student life. With proper education students can analyze and make the important decisions of their life, they can select a good career which provides mental satisfaction and gives financial freedom, improves body language improve skills and communication, make advanced with the technology and become students independent and bring confidence to accomplish difficult tasks.

There are a few reasons which are discussed below about education:

  1. Spunk of developing countries: Education is the backbone of developing country every human capital which is considered a national asset and resources need to be educated for the development of the country.

  2. Education gives country’s future: Today’s children of the country are the future of tomorrow so a well educated human is a good citizen in the coming era.

  3. Values: Educational intuitions not only provide knowledge but they provide values, feelings and respect so that every human being able to understand the concept of human welfare.

  4. Shaping a person’s character: Education builds the character of individual and make them aware of their duties and responsibilities and make them a responsible person.

  5. Creates a room for curiosity: An educated man has a room of curiosity that develops a passion to know all unknown or messed answers and help to find solutions to any problem.

  6. Earn a livelihood: An educated find out the basic materials need in life by having a livelihood for them.


Education is very important to every country and their citizens it is a ray of light in the darkness it gives a good life and a very powerful weapon that can change the world and helps in building a nation.


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