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Author: Aishwarya S

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Cyber violence is generally described as a violence that is happening through internet. The number of people using internet is increasing day by day and people have started depending on the internet almost for everything, even for the basic needs. The development of various social applications acted as an alternative for direct human interaction. From bill payments to ordering food we use numerous applications that are available in the internet. From life decisions like marriage to lifetime investments everything is being decided online. Simply, internet has replaced all the traditional methods that have been followed until the internet came into play. Every development has its own downfall, where internet is no exception. The bloom of the internet took a toll on its users, the horrible side of internet had drastic effects which gave rise to a enactment that govern internet and to control the rising crimes using internet which is the “Information technology act,2000”. [1]


Even though cyber crime knows no gender and the victims of it are being in every gender but the women are facing higher rate of cyber violence. Even though women enjoy using the social media they are equally terrified with its ill effects such as threats they are facing in their day today life. Women are often being portrayed as sexual objects rather than being treated as a fellow human being, and the most sorrowful thing about that are the online predators trying to normalize it. The voice of a woman who is victimized is often silenced by her own surroundings placing her in a deceptive cage named culture. Some women out there who try to voice out the cyber violence happened to her in social media are often being judged for their character and people are trying blame her for what has happened to her. This victim blaming behavior often paves way as an escape route for the online predators who causes harm to the women in social media. Women are even restricted to express their political opinions on the internet where they are getting rape threats for the same. It’s still the same that the harassers are being protected and gaining supports from everywhere and the victims modesty comes to the question, which is really unfair and people mindset towards this online crimes should be reformed. [2]


The first cyber violence women are facing the most is the cyber stalking. We all know the meaning for the word ‘stalking’. Basically stalking is repeatedly following or harassing someone illegally making other person who is being followed unsafe over a period of time.[3] The direct stalking does not differ much from cyber stalking. Where the only difference is the cyber stalking is happening in the internet. Dumping the victim’s inbox by many mails, sending loads of messages continuously, all comes under stalking. These form the basis for more serious crimes like acid attacks, after many ignorance of these stalking, the harassers go ahead to commit acts like rape threats, acid attacks etc. the women facing these issues like cyber stalking should voice out and report at the earliest. Cyber stalking is punishable under section 354D[4] of Indian penal code and section 72 of IT act, 2008.[5]

Secondly, cyber pornography is the next threat that is being faced by women. It is using internet and uploading, importing and distributing pornographic content, obscene pictures illegally. Mainly, the child pornography has been widespread and it has become a wide market that has been used by the netizens. Cyber pornography is punishable under section 67 IT act, 2008.[6]

Cyber defamation is other issue faced by women across the globe by many women. Passing or publishing unnecessary false comments is generally categorized as defamation, it is happening a lot in social media platforms. Cyber defamation is punishable under section 499 of IPC.[7]

Morphing is the biggest threat which most women are facing in today’s world. Morphing is simply editing a original picture posted by the person in an obscene way by an unauthorized user and post in on various social media platforms. Morphing is punishable under 67 of IT act and 506 of IPC.[8]


Yogesh prabhu Vs State of Maharashtra (C.C. NO. 3700686/PS/2009)

This case is the first conviction under cyber stalking in India. A woman was chatting with yogesh prabhu over a period of time and after that yogesh proposed her for marriage she immediately rejected it and eventually ignored him and blocked him. He was still stalking her and sent her continues mails with her obscene pictures and has been charged under section 509 , 354 of IPC and 66E of IT act.

Suhaskatti Vs state of Tamilnadu (CC No. 4680 of 2004)

It is the first conviction on cyber pornography in India. A divorced woman continuously received obscene pictures and messages on an yahoo email group which created a false image of herself as an sex work due to which she got many calls from people approaching her for it. She complained in cyber cell and he was convicted in seven months, he was punished under section 469 and 509 of IPC and 67 of IT act.[9][10]


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