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Book Review: 400 DAYS( An unputdownable Novel)

Author: Pasapala Syed Mustaq

Hola to all my dear readers, I am very much obliged to you for spending time to read my write-ups. Hope you found it intriguing and read my write-ups infuturio as well.

I had no plans after I was done with my AIBE attempt except for mundane works. I thought I should do something useful because time should pass in a fruitful way but not without getting any inputs to our mind every day as every average student thinks, So do I. We have technology in our hands i.e, Mobile, through that we watch movies, lectures, etc and can also order or shop for something which we desire. So, I opened Amazon Prime and Ordered a book by the name “400 Days” it’s a Mystery( Missing girl), and a romantic novel by Chetan Bhagat. And again I recalled we do have LAWGIC STRATUM to get publish a Book Review about the novel. As I have experience of working as EDITOR IN CHIEF in Lawgic Stratum, I know that the team of LawgicStartum is doing impeccable services to the aspirants of irrespective of field(Law, Medicine, Engineering, etc) to publish articles and guide them to write articles by way of conducting monthly Internships.

You might be thinking I am buttering up myself more, definitely not!

The Novel book by the name “400 Days” was authored by one of the finest authors among the Indian authors i.e; Chetan Bhagat. This Novel contains a total of 344 pages with 50 Chapters. I read his books(Half Girlfriend, 2 States, One Arranged Murder, etc in the past. This novel is based on a missing girl in their own house is called a Mystery or crime thriller and romance is also added to that.

Disclaimer: I have huge respect towards the author of this novel, my review about this novel will be in Good faith and without any malafide intention and not disrespect the author of this novel.

The outcome of this novel is so unexpected. We couldn’t expect that such a person would behave and did the criminal act in such a way.

There were two detectives namely Keshav and Saurabh, who have their Z Detective agency. Keshav was an aspirant of UPSC(Union Public Service Commission) to become IPS and his friend Saurabh working in a Cybersafe, computer security company. This novel doesn't mention any cases solved by the said two detectives. The Keshav lives in Gurugram along with Saurabh also stays in Keshav's home. One fine day Keshav and his friends met one lady by the name of Alia she is living in Tower B opposite Keshav's Tower i.e, Tower C. There were visits to Keshav's home by her and exchanged delicious food as well. Eventually, Alia got a chance to ask Keshav about his detective skills so that it would help to find her elder daughter by the name of Siya who is missing.

From here the narration begins. The key roles played in this novel will be Keshav, Saurabh(Private Detectives), Alia’s In-laws, Inspector Chautala(hereinafter Inspector), Viren, Dharmesh, Roy, and at last Pandit Shastriji(Real Culprit). Alia had love married to Manish. Alia’s In-laws were rich and owned Navratna Jewels.

Alia started narrating how Siya missed from their own in-law's house. When the Siya, Suhana, and their cousins were sleeping in the room. Alia made them sleep early and took over the mobiles. On that night when are all sleeping, Siya and Suhana were awake. At midnight culprit came to the room and put the knife towards Siya and instruct her not to shout, if she does all her cousins will die. The said person took Siya with him. Those are words that Suhana(Siya’s younger sister) confessed to the police and detectives. Alia told that soon after they get to know that, Siya is missing. Her in-laws informed Inspector Chautala about the incident. Inspector Chautala was a close associate to Alia’s In-laws. I was surprised by reading how come the Inspection starts investigation without filing FIR. This novel hasn’t mentioned that whether the FIR had filed or not. Inspector Chautala, Viren, and their teammates seized everything related to the mystery and recorded all confessions of the victim’s family. Strong witness were Suhana( Siya’s sister). Inspector enquired about the maids, drivers, and tutor to the Siya. He interrogated all the fellows who are on the list. He forced the maids of their house to tell about the siya. As per the law, no police has the right to manhandle anyone. It's illegal and the said officer will be held liable. The Inspector conducted a press conference and he told that two suspects were arrested and an investigation is going on. Alia’s In-law's family came to the road by this incident. The family who never saw the how police station looks and by this they had to face all these consequences. Alia’s In-laws screamed at Alia for doing all this nonsense. Finally, they backed out of the search for Siya. But Alia who is the aggrieved party and mother of Siya was didn’t stop searching for Siya. Siya and Suhana started to circulate to find siya through pamplets and socia media by tagline as #findsiya. These all made Manish angry with Alia. At last, police failed to find neither Siya nor the culprit.

From here, the two above-said detectives' roles commence. Their main motto is to find the culprit but they don’t have the power to interrogate them like the police. Best instance to see the role of a detective is to watch the Netflix Series " Crime Stories: Indian Detectives".I feel the two detectives also failed to find the culprit but the Keshav success to fell in love with Alia. The two detectives have started a search to find the Siya and the culprit. They both met their friend, ACP Rana, to get help from him. ACP Rana made a call to Inspector Chautala and requested to cooperate with both the detectives to trace the Siya or culprit. Slowly the said Keshav moved close to Alia. Keshav has asked Alia that he need to talk to her In-laws and Suhana. She told that it will be very difficult to connect with them after everything is calm down. Alia went to his maternal abode i.e; Kochi and surprisingly Keshav also went there to meet Suhana. Keshav thought he will get some new inputs from Suhana I feel he failed to get them. Though he fall in love with Alia and he had romantically spent a good time at Kochi. Suddenly, Manish landed in Kochi. Keshav had talks with Manish and expounded about the progress in searching for Siya and the culprit. Manish felt happy by hearing the progress made by the two detectives and he assured that he made both to have a talk to his family. By seeing that, Keshav returned to his abode. Keshav and Saurabh met Alia’s In-laws and elucidated the progress they have made to search Siya and the culprit. When Keshav was in his abode itself, they have started searching for Siya by going through the mobile date. While checking the Siya mobile data, they found Telegram chats with Roy and other people. When Keshav was at Kochi both the detectives started fake Instagram account by the name Naisy and created 30 fake accounts to connect mutual friends to the account Daisy. They started sending a friend request to Siya's friends through the account of Daisy. Keshav has connected to the SaveAnimals100 account and started chatting and slowly it turned to romantical chatting. Keshav someone got the name called Roy. He inquired about that name with Alia. She doesn’t know about that. Keshav as detectives failed to catch Roy. He wasn’t planned properly to catch Roy. Hence, both Roy and Dharmesh missed from the spot. Before this incident, he informed Inspector. Inspector arranged for police officers in Civil uniform to accompany and follow Keshav's instructions. The said Inspector blamed both the detectives for their failure to catch the suspect name Roy. Alia decided to get a divorce from Manish because against him they were allegation that he was having illegal affair with a lady in his office and also he said he will not support to search for Siya or culprit. Siya’s grandparents celebrated Siya’s birthday by donating to Children for that they tied up with an NGO by the name of Raasta. The Siya’s family invited Pandit Shahtriji to perform pujas in the name of Siya. Out of the blue, Keshav suspected Shashtriji. And he made all arrangements with the aid of Viren to catch Shahshtriji red-handed. Keshav and Saurabh followed Shastriji on his way back home. Keshav was so conscious followed, he made himself not to visible Shastriji. Keshav got hurt to his leg with bleeding he didn’t stop searching for Siya. In the end, they find Siya in a room locked since last year and catch him red-handed. The suspicion which Keshav made outrightly correct.

When all is said and done of mystery and romantic narration, Saurabh has said to Keshav that

Sometimes true love means sacrificing your own happiness so that others can be happy”.

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