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Saranya S

11. 12. 2020

GOA , known for its rich history , unique culture and the original natural beauty , has been struggling to protest its natural diversity from the industrialists . Recent news of Government of Goa and The Ministry of Environment cleared three projects that would damage the lives of species and the ecosystem in the state.


The State Government approved three projects on the National Board of Wildlife’s standing committee’s 57th meeting, they are :

1. Double Tracking Of The Railway Line from Castlerock to Kulem of which 138.37 ha of forestland required and 22,882 trees to be felled.

2. Four-laning of NH 4A of which 63.615 ha of forestland required and 20,340 trees to be felled.

3. Laying a 400kV transmission line - This project could put the lives of over 59,000 trees in danger and cause a loss of 170 hectares of protected forest land in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlifile Sanctuary and the Mollem National Park .

The projects are being done for the best interest of Goa , while the reality is that none of these projects are for the Government of Goa , they are not even for the residents of Goa . These projects are been implemented so that the transportation of coals can be done but its leading to conversion of Goa into a coal hub.


Thousands of people from Goa gathered at Chandor village in South Goa on (November 1 ) to protest against the State Government move for the expansion of Railway Line between the Margoa and Sanvordem .

Dudhsagar , one of the tallest waterfalls of the country , also as a lifeline for Goa’s water supply also getting would be affected , people of the State were angry about the damage that the project would cause to the state .

The three projects are made to convert the Goa full of its natural resources, beauty , peace and beaches into a coal hub .


This recent Environment News is causing a great issue all over the India as it is leading the cutting of almost 1,00,000 trees in Goa and Karnataka off which 59,000 trees will be cut off in Goa . Cutting of trees at an extreme level can lead to a huge loss at present as well as for the future generation. Goa which is known for its beaches and its tourism will be affected by this project . Which can lead to a huge loss to the Nation , state and to its people . As a conclusion I want to conclude that development is good but in respect of harming the natural resources of the Environment is not good as it can lead to huge problems in the future.

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