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SC's dissent on road widening project in Mathura

Sangeetha N S


"you can't fell thousands of trees in the name of Lord Krishna", says SC

We all have know that mother nature is supreme to all. It can never be destroyed at the cost of building better infrastructure. Recently, the Krishna Govardhan Road project in Mathura was brought to the notice of Supreme Court, in which the Court has pointed out some undeniable points on the issue.
Krishna Govardhan Road project is aimed to wide the road, leading to the Hindu temple which is believed to be the deity's birth place. To implement this infrastructure-project, the Uttar Pradesh Government sought the permission of Supreme Court to cut down 2,940 trees.

The Supreme Court clearly expressed its dissent by stating that the State Government cannot cut down nearly 3000 trees for a mere road-widening project. The CJI SA Bobde commented that why can't road take a turn around the tree so that it can also reduce the speed of vehicles. He also suggested that if the roads are built in Zig-zag form, it will reduces the speed of vehicles which ultimately results in lower accidents.

When the Government Counsel stated that the government will pay Rs.138.41 crores as compensation to the forest department, the Court retorted that the value of tress should not be calculated in terms of timber rather the amount of oxygen that it gives for the remaining life span should be considered.
Further, the Court asked the government to submit a report after four weeks about the trees that it was planning to cut down for the project.

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