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LAWGIC STRATUM is a peer reviewed Blog and a journal for legal and non legal write-ups with no cost. Lawgic Stratum was founded by Shobicka J B with her peers in October 2020.

This is a non profit and wholehearted initiative to build wisdom regarding the subject and the experience in the writing. We do not restrict any of our authors with special theme in writing and ensures freedom in their matter of interest.

To connect and learn

Mission and Vision


Lawgic Stratum enriches the writers ‘right to freedom of speech and expression’. We support writers to establish their thoughts and assist them in their writing process. We do not restrict the author with any themes. They are free to explore in to the field with any topic they find amusing.  


We also have the vision of leading this initiative into every fresh mind with all the assistance they need. They will be recognised and encouraged to contribute more of their thoughts in society. This is purely a service to fresh talents who find it difficult to expose their works.


We believe in the motto that it is a “Right to write your thoughts in a way up straight to the height”.


Privacy polices:

Every manuscript is open to public view in the context of wisdom. We ensure that the works submitted to us will not be sold to any third parties at any cost. We do not attain any kind of profit from the works of authors.

Copyright policy

Lawgic Stratum owns the copyright of every work published in this website. The articles published in this website can be used as a reference in any other works subject to certain conditions.

1. Appropriate credit is given to the Author(s) of the work, as well as LAWGIC STRATUM.

2. The works used must not be utilised for commercial purposes.

3. No derivate works are derived and thereafter distributed.

Plagiarism policy

Lawgic Stratum does not tolerate plagiarism and by submitting their manuscript to the Journal, the Author(s) certify that the Manuscript is their original work and any source used has been duly acknowledged by providing proper references.

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